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  • Hello! Let's get acquainted, I am Mashenka!


            Though I am a child with the limited possibilities, I can be your friend.

            Mum says that I'm not an usual child, but the especial one and the most lovely.

    I was born on May, 16th, 2002 a healthy child. I grew and developed as all kidds.

    But when I was 1 year and 11 month there was a trouble. The temperature has risen. We called the doctor, he didn't find anything serious. But in the night there was a tonic attack, my eyes were rolled up, my hands have risen and extended.

    Then emergency arrived fast and  carried me urgently in hospital.

    In resuscitation unit of Naro-Fominskij  hospital  there are no places and they didn't take me. Fortunatly there was one place for me in infectious diseases unit.

    But the precious time  has been already lost.I didn't receive the necessary help in time and there was a second attack owing to a hypoxemia and edema of the brain . 

    If there was not my vigilant mum, I would die.

    She insisted to move me to resuscitation.

    But it was already too late: I  fell into a coma of  the 2nd degree.

    That day was the most terrible and heavy time for all of us: an uncertain diagnosis!!!

    One week being between life and death I have been transported to MOSCOW REGIONAL SCIENTIFIC-RESEARCH CLINICAL INSTITUTE. There in one month and a half   they could  deduce me from a coma but with huge losses and consequences.There was no more trace remaining about former Mashenka.

    Immobilized I have been moved in Tushinsky hospital and there my physical inability was issued and my illness was diagnosed as: Consequences of  transferred neurovirus infection, meningoencephalitis, brain hypostasis, tetraparesis. Then focal epilepsy, a delay of psycho-speech development were added as symptoms.

    I am happy, I continue to live and my mum accepts me such as I am.

    Even if I can't speak and walk  I know what it is love! I always smile to my mum and to all people surrounding me. I like when they hug and kiss me, it is a happiness.

    I'm sure that my mum knows how much I love her!

    The real pleasure when I can make some steps with my mum's help! I try to get over and become like my peers. That's why I do my best on lessons with psychologist, logopaedist.


     I am alive and I live! Let's be  friends!


    my contacts: (495) 703-35-26 , mobile  8(906) 713-16-74 Oksana


    My mail :zhuchok-4@mail.ru